How to Create Stretchy Navigation in Divi

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Today we’re going to create something really creative in Divi. And using it you can easily showcase your Menu Items in a very cool and modern way. It’s called Stretchy Navigation and that’s what we’re going to create in this tutorial.

Sneak Peak

Here’s a quick look at what we’re going to create in today’s article. You can see that it works like a charm. It comes with really nice Hamburger Animation that reveals the Menus Items on click with a very smooth animation. And It’s sticky which means it will stay on top even if you scroll down. You’ll also see a beautiful Tooltip shows on Hover on each menu item!






Let’s see How to Recreate this

And Now let’s see how to achieve this same thing on your Divi website. All you’ve to do is simply enter your Name and Email in the form below and click on the Submit button then you’ll see Download Layout button just download the layout.

After Downloading you’ll need to extract the .Zip file in your PC after extracting you’ll get a .json file. All you’ve to do is go to Divi -> Theme Builder -> Edit/Build Global Header.


Once you’re in the Divi Builder, you can now click on Portability Icon at the bottom.

You’ll see a window pops up, simply click on Import Tab and then in the Select field choose the extracted .Json file you may click Override existing content Checkbox to remove the existing content and have this new one.

It’s done, you’ve just Imported the Layout to your Header you’ll see the content in Divi Builder like this but you don’t need to worry because it will work fine on frontend.

Ok That’s it, you’ve now got a nice looking Header with a next-level Stretchy Navigation that looks so cool.

How to Edit the Dropdown Icon

You can go to Wireframe view to access the Code module in which I’ve added all the codes including HTML, CSS and JS. You can go to the Module Settings Labelled “Hamburger Icon – Contains All Codes in it“. This is where you’ll find all the Code if you want to edit something.

Where to edit the Dropdown content?

To edit the Dropdown content, I’ll recommend you to go to Layers View for better understand. And then you’ll see the last 2 Sections that contain the Dropdown content first one is actual Header with Menu Module and Button. The 2nd section is what you’ll see on Desktop and 3rd section is what you’ll see on Mobile/Tablet 

To edit the dropdown content you’ll need to expand the Section, then expand Row and you’ll see 4-5 Image Modules and you can then you can go to that Image Module to change Icon to whatever you want.

How to edit the Icon label shows on Hover as Tooltip?

If you want to change the Menu Item from something like Blog to About then you’ll simply change the Image by going to Image module but to Edit the Label shows on Hover you’ve to go to that Image Module Settings -> Advanced -> Custom CSS -> After and choose Hover Tab. And then in the first field that says content is where you can change the label within the apostrophe.

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